Delta AFB0512MB12 CFM28 dBA$1
Papst 612FL11.2 CFM16 dBA$27
Papst 612NGML15 CFM19 dBA$29
Papst 612NGMI10-20 CFM10-28 dBA$19
Panaflo L1A12 CFM24 dBA$12
Panaflo M1A16 CFM28 dBA$13
Panaflo H1A19 CFM32 dBA$16
Vantec Thermaflow9-24 CFM19-33 dBA$11
Vantec Stealth12 CFM20 dBA$7
Delta DFB0612H19 CFM28 dBA?
70mm (thin)
Evercool EC7015M12CA28 CFM27 dBA$6
Evercool EC7015HH12CA36 CFM31 dBA$10
Enermax UC-001B-TC22/33 CFM18/29 dBA$625°C/65°C
Papst 8412NGL19 CFM12 dBA$19
Papst 8412NML27 CFM21 dBA$24
Papst 8412NGM34 CFM26 dBA$
Panaflo L1A24 CFM21 dBA$10
Panaflo M1A32 CFM28 dBA$12
Panaflo H1A40 CFM32 dBA$14
Vantec Thermaflow23-41 CFM25-37 dBA$10
Vantec Stealth27 CFM21 dBA$8
Directron Silencer28 CFM20 dBA$12
Zalman ZM-F136 CFM34 dBA$6
Zalman ZM-F1 *20 CFM20 dBA$6
Nidec D08T-12PG37 CFM30 dBA?
Delta AFB0812H35 CFM31 dBA$3
Aavid 148A332 (24Volt)34 CFM27 dBA$1
Papst 3412NGMV25-42 CFM14-28 dBA$26
Papst 35 CFM23 dBA$23
Panaflo L1A42 CFM27 dBA$16
Panaflo M1A48 CFM30 dBA$19
Panaflo H1A57 CFM35 dBA$22
Vantec Stealth28 CFM20 dBA$10
Zalman ZM-F253 CFM36 dBA$7
Zalman ZM-F2 **38 CFM20 dBA$7
Aavid 149A23137 CFM25 dBA$1
Aavid 149A23247 CFM27 dBA$1
NMB 3610KL-04W-B4048 CFM37 dBA$0.39
Panaflo L1A69 CFM30 dBA$19
Panaflo M1A86 CFM35 dBA$23
Panaflo H1A104 CFM42 dBA$25
Vantec Stealth53 CFM28 dBA$13
Papst53 CFM26 dBA$20
Aavid 1412332 (24Volt)82 CFM37 dBA$1

* with the 56 Ohm resistor making it run at 5.5 Volts and some sites list a flow of 39 and 28 CFM, which are incorrect
** with the 56 Ohm resistor making it run at 5.5 Volts

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