Sun Ultra 10 Fan Noise Reduction

The Ultra 10 has two fans: a 92mm case fan, and a 80mm fan in the power supply. All fans are replaced with low noise ones.

Case fan

The 92mm 12V case fan is either a Yate Loon D90BH-12 (44 CFM, 38dBA) or a Delta AFB0912H (51 CFM, 34dBA) and is replaced with a Zalman ZM-F2 38 CFM 20dBA fan.
Cost: $7

Power Supply fan

Is either a 80mm 12V Nidec BETA SL (37 CFM, 30 dBA) or Delta AFB0812H (35 CFM, 31 dBA) fan. It is replaced with a Directron Silencer 28 CFM 20 dBA fan.
Cost: $12

Total Cost: $19

© 2003 Cuzuco, Inc.

This ultra10 was later heavily modified

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